Auburn Seven Homes | 2008

SEVEN SMALL LOT SUBDIVISION HOMES IN SILVER LAKE. This project was one of the first developments built under the City of Los Angeles’ Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance, which allows medium density zoned sites to be divided into small lots for stand-alone single-family houses.

The tuck under garages which are built into the hillside enable the homes to present themselves from the street view as low mass two story structures.

This group of homes gestures towards the street with deep front yards that merge private and public open space. Wandering paths and drought tolerant landscaping integrate this new development with the existing surroundings. The homes’ facades feature large glass systems framed by alternating vertical and horizontal patterns of silver and dark bronze metal. Skylights, floor to ceiling windows, and tri-fold glass doors create an open-air aesthetic.

Auburn 7 was featured in the Los Angeles Times and Dwell Magazine. Because of their solar power, renewable materials, and energy efficiency, the houses were also a focus in Los Angeles’ Green Homes Tour.

Dwell Magazine