Tularosa Condos | 2010

TWO CONDOMINIUMS IN SILVER LAKE. Although legally labeled condominiums, these dwellings offer a  single family home living experience. Each three bedroom two and a half bath unit has only one common wall, and each has a separate garage and yard. Though the site is wide enough to accommodate a traditional side-by-side two car garage configuration, 4Site arranged each set of parking spaces in tandem to minimize the visual dominance of the garage doors. In addition, the garages have been set back under a cantilever, and a front pedestrian entry has been cantilevered even further back from the street. The living spaces thus appear to float above the smaller ground level garage structure that supports them. Inside, one encounters voluminous open living areas in which sliding corner glass pocket doors open the interior spaces out to the tree-lined street. A permeable driveway with grass plantings inside each paver softens the view of the homes from the street by adding touches of greenery.

Like other 4Site projects, the Tularosa Condominiums feature components selected for their eco-friendly and low maintenance virtues. These elements include: solar power, dual flush toilets, dual pain glass, on-demand tank-less water heaters, renewable bamboo floors, aluminum windows, and colored stucco.