FLOCK Apartments | 2013

AN 11 UNIT APARTMENT BUILDING LOCATED IN SILVER LAKE. While the garage for this project is at grade, it is hidden on one street frontage by a ground floor apartment and is four feet below grade on the other side. A large planter hides the remaining garage exposure.

As always, 4Site’s architectural strategy was to avoid the kind of plain stucco box design that plagues many apartment developments. Various materials, projections, and colors were incorporated on the exterior finishes. A sloped metal roof adds angular interest. Generous use of standing seam metal on the sides of the project brings in a variety of related colors.  Finally, large metal flying bird profiles have been installed on the front façade of the building wall so their shadows change with the sun’s movement. 4Site recognizes that while the costs associated with these features do not transfer to higher rents, they contribute importantly to the architectural interest of the neighborhood.